Frequently Asked Questions!



Mammoth Lake Texas is a freshwater lake that is completely natural, with no added agents to improve clarity.  The visibility will vary depending on where you are in the lake, the depth, and the time of year you are diving.  Since visibility is subjective, we use the Secchi Disk to measure visibility during the year in accordance with the cycle of the lake. Even with aerators and added fish visibility is affected by weather (temperature, wind, rain, and sunlight). Lake visibility ranges from 5' to 35' throughout the year.


Reservations are required to dive. We do recommend that you bring a canopy for shade! Please email us at


We accept cash and credit/debit cards.


Park fees are listed under the fee tab.


We require Observers to pay an entry fee at Mammoth Lake Texas, because we are not a public lake, and it is not subsidized as such.  We are classified as a recreational/amusement facility, and all of our grounds and lake maintenance/insurance/staffing, etc is funded by park admissions.  Again, we are first and foremost a scuba diving facility, but the governing bodies that regulate us do not differentiate between guests who scuba dive and guests who do not scuba dive.

Instructors and Dive Masters

As a courtesy Mammoth Lake Texas does not charge Instructors or Dive Masters who are actively teaching a class at the lake. Please do not abuse this privilege as entry fees keep the lake open. 

Dive Requirements

Divers who received Open Water Certification from Gulf Coast Scuba, Maximum Scuba, Texas Scuba Adventures, Dive Tech, or Dive Zone will be required to participate in a skills evaluation before being allowed to dive at Mammoth Lake Texas.

What Lies Beneath?

We have several different types of fish, turtles and plants in the lake for your enjoyment! Our biggest being the American Paddlefish which reaches lengths up to 7 feet!!!