ERDI-Public Safety Diver

ERD I This first level Emergency Response Diving Course is designed to give the certified open water diver... Find Out More

ERD II The ERD II Course furthers the public safety diver’s knowledge and advances skill sets for eme... Find Out More

ERD Confined Space Operations The ERDI Confined Space Operations component is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessa... Find Out More

Contaminated Water OPS The ERDI Diving in Contaminated Water Ops Component is one of the most challenging public safety diver training programs. Find Out More

ERD Tender Find Out More

ERD Dry Suit The ERD Dry Suit Ops Course develops the knowledge and skills that are necessary for dry suit diving... Find Out More

Hull Searching OPS This course is designed to provide information and hands on training to students and dive team membe... Find Out More

ERD FFM The ERD Full Face Mask Course provides the skills and knowledge for the ERD diver to utilize full face masks for emergency response diving. Find Out More

Explosive Disposal OPS The objective of this training is to secure these underwater explosives or hazardous devices, remote... Find Out More