Jason Burleson   Jan 18, 2024


Scuba Diving International believes that meeting the dive customer's needs is critical to creating lifelong divers. That being said, we know that being limited to a single training agency or equipment brand may not always meet the customer's needs nor benefit the business. Dive professional should be able to cater to the student's educational needs and customers buying preferences as they see fit.

The customers and students should have choices and not be forced to take classes or buy gear based on the business practices that some large organization is implementing that limits dive shops from providing the best possible choices to the diver! SDI encourages dive shops to work with many brands, because they are confident that they can support the customer and earn their business. Mammtoh Diving Academy is not afraid of you having a choice! The customer decision is theirs to make!

SDI and Mammoth Dive Academy encourages and values diverse teaching styles. SDI and Mammoth Dive Academy encourages the customer to choose a training agency that trusts and supports you and your decision making. 

Trust in SDI and Mammoth Dive Academy to Trust in you!!

This is why you have a choice at Mammoth Dive Academy on training agency choice and gear brand!!