Jason Burleson   Jan 16, 2024


The instructors at Mammoth Dive Academy have a combined 150 years of diving experience across all levels and have seen Nitrox go from being referred to as the "Devil's Gas" to being widely accepted and available in dive locales.

Most dive shops offer Nitrox as continuing education and some even offer it as an addon to your open water class. However, Mammoth Dive Academy feels that Nitrox isn't a technical diving specialty anymore and the added benefits and safety of using Nitrox outweighs the cost we incur in teaching it. This is why we have made the philiosophical decision to include the Nitrox course with every open water class.

What is Nitrox?

Technically it is any gas, but generally in recerational diving, Nitrox is referred to as any gas where the mixture of oxygen is greater than 21% thereby reducing the nitrogen content to less than 79%.

Standard Nitrox mixtures of 32% and 36% offer greater time at depth by reducing the amount of nitrogen loading. As you learned, or will learn, in your open water course, decompression sickness is caused by nitrogen bubbles forming in your body tissues. Breathing a lower percentage of nitrogen (or a higher percentage of oxygen) allows less nitrogen to build up in your body and therefore increasing your no decompression limits and decreasing the risk of decompression sickness.

While all of this may seem foreign to a new diver, introducing this shortly after discussing partial pressures (a fundemental of open water diving education) and atmospheres, just reinforces the prior learning.

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